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Public access,gaming machines,POS(Point of Sale),kiosks,ATM,industrial controls.


·Accurate Control:   Less than 1.5% or 1% linearity and controller with excellent speed.

·FPC Tail Technology:   FPC tail has low resistance and is very flexible and robust.

·Durable and Endurance:   Our Capacitive touch screen withstand contaminants such as grease,dirt,water,running liquid,harsh chemicals and NEMA sealed.The life expectancy is over 225 million mechanical touches.

·Excellent Optical and Responsive Performance:   With a transparent protective overcoat that minimizes reflection and maximizes light transmission, our capacitive touch screens provide dramatic scratch resistance and excellent clarity.Fast,light touches can be easily recognized.

·Various standard sizes:   From 6.5" to 21" standard capacitive touch screens.For further details,please contact with

Light Transmission: more than 85%
Chattering time: <25ms
Surface Hardness: 6H
Input Mode: Conductive stylus or bare finger
Life Expectancy: Over 225 millions
Standard Models
Model No. Size
Structure Outline Size
View Area
Active Area
Controller Interface
MI0140CAP-C 1.40 G+F 36.40x41.90x0.80 28.32x28.32 - FT6236 IIC
(FPC connector)
2.83 G+G 49.50x68.75x1.70 44.20x58.60 45.20x59.60 FT5446 IIC
(FPC soldering)
2.83 G+G 49.50x68.75x1.90 44.20x58.60 45.20x59.60 FT5446 IIC
MI0350CFP-C3 3.50 G+G 76.60x63.60x1.90 70.68x53.16 71.68x54.16 FT5446 IIC
MI0350EGP-C 3.50 G+G 63.60x84.60x1.85 54.64x72.52 55.64x73.52 GT911 IIC
MI0400AGP-C 4.00 G+G 66.84x111.50x1.92 52.84x87.40 53.84x88.40 GT911 IIC
MI0430AFP-C 4.30 G+G 115.10x78.94x2.03 96.04x54.86 97.04x55.86 FT5426 IIC
MI0430AGP-C 4.30 G+G 122.00x81.00x2.85 95.70x54.50 96.70x55.50 GT911 IIC
MI0430AIP-C 4.30 G+G 125.50x87.20x3.10 96.04x54.86 97.04x55.86 ILI2511 USB
MI0430CRP-C11 4.30 G+G 105.10x66.50x2.00 96.04x54.86 97.04x55.86 FT5446 IIC
MI0430FAP-C 4.30 G+G 104.90x66.60x2.00 96.04x54.86 97.04x55.86 ATMXT336T IIC
MI0500CJP-C6 5.00 G+G 120.30x75.40x2.00 109.00x65.80 110.00x66.80 FT5446 IIC
MI0500CMP-C 5.00 G+G 120.60x82.10x3.10 109.00x65.80 110.00x66.80 EXC3146 USB
MI0500EIP-C 5.00 G+G 120.30x75.40x2.00 109.00x65.80 110.00x66.80 ILI2511 USB
MI0500EGP-C 5.00 G+F 120.30x75.40x1.73 111.88x63.83 - GT911 IIC
MI0500FIP-C 5.00 G+G 120.30x75.40x1.90 109.00x65.80 110.00x66.80 ILI2511 USB
MI0550AGP-C 5.50 G+G 75.96x130.32x1.35 68.96x121.82 - GT911 IIC
MI0570CBP-C2 5.70 G+G 126.50x97.93x2.00 116.20x87.40 117.20x88.40 FT5426 IIC
MI0700BIP-C1 7.00 G+G 170.00x115.00x1.80 151.72x95.20 152.72x96.20 ILI2511 USB
MI0700CIP-C2 7.00 G+G 179.30x134.50x2.55 155.08x86.92 156.08x87.92 PIXCIR TANGO-C48 IIC
MI0700CSP-C2 7.00 G+G 164.20x99.20x2.00 155.08x86.92 156.08x87.92 FT5426 IIC
MI0700CUP-C4 7.00 G+G 164.40x103.94x1.90 153.40x92.44 154.40x93.44 FT5426 IIC
MI0700CZP-C12 7.00 G+G 164.40x99.45x2.30 155.08x87.42 156.68x88.52 FT5426 IIC
MI0700DIP-C 7.00 G+G 164.40x99.50x2.00 155.08x86.92 156.08x87.92 ILI2511 USB
MI0700ERP-C 7.00 G+G 165.75x105.39x2.40 154.40x90.80 162.00x97.70 FT5426 IIC
MI0700ESP-C1 7.00 G+G 164.40x99.40x2.40 155.08x86.92 156.08x87.92 SIS9509 USB
MI0700FGP-C 7.00 P+G 163.90x99.00x1.80 155.21x86.92 - GT911 IIC
MI0700FIP-C 7.00 G+G 164.00x99.00x2.40 155.08x86.92 156.08x87.92 ILI2511 IIC
MI0700GCP-C 7.00 G+G 122.20x177.52x2.45 95.20x151.72 96.20x152.72 FT5446 IIC
MI0700GIP-C 7.00 G+G 164.30x99.40x5.30 155.08x86.92 156.08x87.92 ILI2511 IIC
MI0800CKP-C 8.00 G+G 192.90x116.90x2.08 177.90x100.90 178.90x101.90 GT911 IIC
MI0800DIP-C1 8.00 G+G 117.00x196.50x3.10 99.50x176.80 100.50x177.80 ILI2511 IIC
MI0800EIP-C 8.00 G+G 183.00x141.00x2.00 163.05x122.54 164.05x123.54 ILI2511 USB
MI0900CAP-C 9.00 ASF+G+G 210.30x125.70x1.55 198.34x112.00 209.40x124.80 GT928 IIC
MI0970CCP-C 9.70 G+G 232.00x176.00x1.73 198.31x149.16 199.31x150.16 GT928 IIC
MI1010CVP-C1 10.10 G+G 259.60x178.20x4.48 217.96x136.60 218.96x137.60 EXC80H60 IIC
MI1010DIP-C2 10.10 G+G 240.00x165.00x3.45 218.96x137.60 219.96x138.60 ILI2511 USB
MI1010EIP-C 10.10 G+G 255.00x165.80x2.58 223.42x126.00 224.42x127.00 ILI2511 USB
MI1040CDP-C1 10.40 G+G 225.80x174.30x2.25 212.20x159.40 213.20x160.40 GT928 IIC
MI1210CBP-C 12.10 G+G 264.00x201.00x3.00 248.00x186.00 249.00x187.00 EXC3146 USB
MI1330DIP-C 13.30 G+G 375.70x250.10x6.45 294.47x166.08 295.47x167.08 ILI2511 USB
MI1500ATP-C 15.00 G+G 339.94x263.94x2.55 305.10x229.10 306.10x230.10 EETI EXC3188 USB
MI1700ATP-C 17.00 G+G 377.00x309.00x2.40 338.92x271.34 340.32x272.74 EETI EXC3188 USB
MI1850CIP-C 18.50 G+G 467.50x289.25x3.95 408.44x228.99 409.44x229.99 ILI2312 USB
MI1850CEP-C 18.50 G+G 430.50x258.90x4.15 413.00x234.00 414.00x235.00 EETI EXC3188 USB
MI1850DIP-C 18.50 G+G 453.00x273.00x3.35 410.80x231.40 411.80x232.40 ILI2510 USB
MI1900CAP-C 19.00 G+G 421.00x346.00x2.45 377.52x302.26 378.72x303.46 EETI EXC3188 USB
MI2150AIP-C 21.50 G+G 526.00x324.00x4.40 476.64x268.11 479.04x270.51 ILI2510 USB
MI2150ATP-C 21.50 G+G 520.64x312.11x3.10 477.84x269.31 479.04x270.51 EETI EXC3188 USB
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